Cécile Parker
Senior Product Designer


Patterns and tessellations, digital illustration, and other creative explorations by Cécile Parker.


Patterns & Illustration

People repeat pattern by Cécile Parker
Base tile
Boy with an afro flattop
Base motif
Combined motif
Floral repeat pattern
Monochrome tessellation—Islamic tile design
Tessellation and geometric pattern postcards by Cécile Parker
Girl and bird illustration by Cécile Parker
Man and dog illustration
Nature morte (still life) illustration by Cécile Parker
plant 01c.png
Cactus on a stool by Cécile Parker
angry whale2.png
Floppy disk3@2x.png
super nintendo.png
eames armchair.png
Satchel Copy.png
Surf van.png
Bouquet of California poppies illustration
Popsicles illustration by Cécile Parker
Pencil on paper
Lettering experiment R like rope by Cécile Parker