Cécile Parker
Senior Product Designer


I joined Honor in 2015 as the first designer. I designed Honor's two customer facing apps—the Care Pro app and the Family app—and enhanced the Admin console with core features for scheduling and operations…



Honor uses technology to match professional caregivers with older adults who need a little help at home. I joined the company in 2015 as the first designer. I created Honor's two apps—the Care Pro app (iOS, Android) and the Family app (iOS, Web)—and enhanced the Admin console with core features for scheduling and operations. I designed the company's iconography and visual style, and built email campaigns, training material, and executive presentations.


Care Pro app

Honor caregivers are equipped with the Care Pro app, installed on their phone. The app allows them to manage their schedule, find new jobs, and learn everything they need to know about their clients before visits. 


Visit details

The visit details include everything a Care Pro needs to know before visiting a client: date and time of the visit, name and address of care recipient, details about the care needed, profile and preferences... Upon checkin, the layout of the visit details updates to allow the Care Pro to focus on the care, and check off tasks they are completed. The UI also prompts Care Pros to leave a detailed note to keep the family informed. Explore prototype.

Visit details before checkin

Visit details before checkin

Visit details after checkin

Visit details after checkin


Care Pro stats

In April 2017, I led the Care Pro stats project. The goal of the project was to provide Care Pros with insights into their performance, drive positive behaviors, and generally increase engagement. We decided not to include negative data about timeliness and call offs, to make sure the feature would be positively received. Instead, these metrics were baked into a "Visit streak." 


The visit streak increases whenever a Care Pro arrives on time at a visit. It resets back to zero if the Care Pro is late or cancels a visit without providing sufficient notice:


Launch email for Care Pro stats:


Stats engagement, a few weeks after launch:

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 10.40.12 AM.png

Admin console

The Admin console is the backbone of Honor's operations. It allows the Client management team to onboard care recipients and maintain client accounts, including scheduling and managing care needs. It allows the Care Ops team to manage the Care Pro fleet, ensure shifts are staffed with qualified Care Pros, and make sure everyone is on time for visits. Cash flows and payroll are also handled through the Admin console:



Postcards, stickers and posters





Illustrations to accompany a series of articles about living at home with medical conditions: cancer, Parkinson's disease, dementia, COPD...

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Joint social media campaigns with partners.